Margaret Nicol Obituary, Margaret Nicol Has Died

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Margaret Nicol Obituary, Death – It was very important to me that everyone who knew my grandmother, Margaret Nicol (Schofield), who passed away on May 28 at the age of 85 and would have celebrated her birthday on May 28, was informed of her passing. My grandmother passed away on May 28, and she would have celebrated her birthday on May 28. Margaret Nicol (Schofield) was born on May 28, and had she not passed away on May 28, she would have celebrated her birthday.

It was also her birthday on the day that she passed away, May 28, and she would have celebrated it the day before she passed away. However, she passed away on that day. If Margaret Nicol (Schofield) had not passed away on May 28, the day she was born, she and her family would have been celebrating her birthday. The 28th of May saw the arrival of Margaret Nicol (Schofield).

She departed this world on May 26, 2018, taking with her a legacy that is equal parts peaceful and painful in equal measure. Her entire life was spent in the Raploch, yet during that time she climbed to fame as a respected citizen who was liked by her peers due to the fact that she had a lovely demeanor. She spent her entire life in the Raploch. She never ventured outside of the Raploch.

This earned her the respect of the leadership of the Raploch, which was something that she had not previously possessed. We will always think about her with warmth in our hearts, and we promise that we will never be able to forget about her completely. She will live on in our memories.