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Mable Eaves Obituary, Death –  Mable Joyce Burks Eaves passed away on June 2, 2023, after a long and fruitful life that spanned 69 years. She had a life expectancy of 69 years when she passed away, however she only lived for 68. Only 68 years were deducted from the clock’s total during the course of her existence. She was sent to the Winston Medical Center in Louisville, Mississippi; however, she was unable to pull through the difficulty she was experiencing there and sadly passed away there. She had been brought there.

She had the sense that the state of Mississippi will remain her primary residence for the foreseeable future and that this would not change. On Sunday, June 4, at three o’clock in the afternoon, funeral services will be place in the chapel of the Nowell-Massey Funeral Home.

The funeral home is located in Nowell. The birthday of the person who passed away was June 4th. The funeral home is located in the town of Nowell, which is nearby. The individual who passed away had a birthday on June 4th, which also happened to be the date of their passing away. The funeral home is located in the nearby village of Nowell, which is also not far away from here.

As soon as the funeral or memorial service is over, whichever occurs first, the location of the burial or any other permanent resting place for the individual who has passed away will be chosen. Both the Reverend Glynn Barker and the Reverend Marlon Adcock will, in their own right and in accordance with the responsibilities that are special to each of them, operate as co-presiding pastors for the event. This will take place both in their own right and in accordance with the responsibilities that are specific to each of them.