Lydia Fazio Obituary, California, Brazilian Model Died of Stroke During Butt Surgery

Lydia Fazio Obituary, Death –¬†During the process in which industrial silicone and polymethylmethacrylate were being applied to her buttocks, she suffered a stroke, and her family shared the awful news with her followers on Instagram. As a direct consequence of what happened, she lost her life. Her family shared a post on Instagram with the statement, “Friends, unfortunately our warrior has crossed over to the other side,” and the photo was accompanied by the hashtag¬† Warrior.” Within a little period, I will send a message to this location informing you of the timings of her farewell.

We would like to take this opportunity, once again, to show our gratitude for everyone’s support. We ask that you understand that at this time we are unable to reply individually to each and every message that we receive. Aside from that, the events that took occurred have previously been described in detail in this piece, therefore the facts have been made public. At this point in time, it is not necessary to explain everything that has happened. We ask that you respect our loss. The material that caused her problems was called PMMA, which is also referred to as polymethylmethacrylate.

It is a medicine that must be treated by professionals and must be administered in moderate dosages. However, it is not permitted to be injected into the buttocks or the breasts because it has the potential to be fatal if done so. In the event that there are flaws in the process, the microspheres of the material will become dispersed throughout the fat, and they will attach themselves to the tissues. The model’s body was filled with hazardous substances, which ultimately led to her demise as a result of the various illnesses that were induced by these medications and contributed to this tragic outcome. The model’s body was riddled with toxic substances, which ultimately led to her demise as a consequence of these infections.