Lourdes Paiva Obituary, Death, Funeral Details

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Lourdes Paiva Obituary, Death – After her passing on June 9th, 2023, we believe that Reverend Sister Lourdes Paiva is currently worshiping God alongside Jesus in heaven. Her passing occurred on t That date. The 9th of June, 2023 was the day that she passed away. Because it was decided that she will leave today, that is the day that she will actually go on her journey.

In acknowledgement of Sister Lourdes’s unwavering commitment to the mission of the Good Shepherd Convent, she was promoted to the role of Superior not just once, but twice, on two different occasions that occurred in rapid succession from one another. It was not more than a few short months ago that she celebrated her 100th birthday. She reached this milestone fairly recently.

Her birthday was less than one hundred years in the past. She hasn’t always been in this position, and it wasn’t until very recently in her life that she reached here. At the St. Agnes Convent in Bolawalana, members of the general public will have the opportunity to view her mortal remains beginning tomorrow, October 10, at 8.30 in the morning. The convent is located in Bolawalana. The town of Bolawalana is where the convent can be found.

The convent may be found in Bolawalana, which is the name of the neighboring town. In accordance with the plans that have been formulated, they are going to be transferred to the Nayakkanda Convent on the morning of October 11th.
There will be a Mass of Requiem given in honor of the one who has passed away this afternoon at three o’clock in the afternoon. My prayer is that you, Lord, will grant her the ability to relax for all of eternity, and that when she is experiencing the lowest point in her life, you will shine your unending light onto her and bring her back into the light. Please pay attention to my supplication and respond to it. I have faith that she will be able to arrive to a place in paradise where she may finally experience peace and contentment, and I will continue to pray for her. In addition to that, I shall keep praying for myself. Amen.