Liza Goldsmith Obituary, Liza Goldsmith Has Passed Away

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Liza Goldsmith Obituary, Death – Michele Burns just broke the heartbreaking news that Liza had passed away to a group of us ti’s. She was only 52 when she was ruthlessly attacked by #directedenergyweapons! She was ecstatic with her recent marriage, which she had only last year.
She was incredibly kind, sweet, kind, smart, and clever, and she will be sorely missed. She passed away, and I am VERY SAD AND ANGRY. That these MONSTERS are robbing her of her life while she was still alive and taking innocent lives in this way is NOT OK.

‘R.I.P. Liza. I am so thankful and honored for knowing such a sweet soul like yours in my life. I am confident that you are pain-free and in a better place, where you belong. She repeatedly stated that they were murdering her, and that is EXACTLY what they did!