Lewes Road Newhaven Murder

Lewes Road Newhaven Murder, Death – Following the discovery of two dead bodies in a residence located within a cemetery, a 64-year-old man was taken into custody on suspicion of having committed murder. After receiving a report of a homicide on Friday evening, the police searched a house located on the grounds of Newhaven Cemetery close to Lewes and discovered the remains of a man and a woman inside.

Both the guy, age 33, and the woman, age 30, were found to be deceased at the scene of the accident. The deceased person’s next of kin have been notified, however the manner of death has not yet been determined by the police. According to the Sussex Police, a man, age 64, from Brighton has been apprehended and is currently being held in jail on suspicion of murdering both individuals.

They are not searching for any other individuals in connection with the inquiry at this time. On Friday evening, at approximately 7 o’clock, officers were summoned to the residence located on Lewes Road in Newhaven. A statement made by Detective Chief Inspector Kimball Edey stated, “We are in the early stages of this fast-moving investigation.” This inquiry was initiated in response to a tragic event that resulted in the loss of two lives.