Laurie Johnson Obituary, Laurie Johnson has died

Laurie Johnson Obituary, Laurie Johnson has died

Laurie Johnson Obituary, Death – After learning of our longtime acquaintance and close friend Laurie Johnson’s passing, my heart is shattered and I feel an overwhelming sense of loss. Our friendship lasted for a very long time. We had known her for a considerable period of time and were very familiar with her. At that point, we had been acquainted with her for a substantial amount of time already.

When we were younger, our families had the chance to become acquainted with one another as a result of our participation in the Worcester Kiltie Pipe Band, in which our parents and other relatives also held membership. Because of this, we were able to form friendships with members of the opposing family. Despite the fact that none of the members of the band were related to one another by blood at the time.

I always had the impression that we were more like a big happy family while I was a part of the band that I was in back then. Despite the fact that none of our members were connected to one another by blood, this was nevertheless the case. When her uncle James Kerr was serving our country in the military, he was my piping major. During that time, I played the bagpipes.

Additionally, he was serving in the military at that time. A significant amount of time was spent working in this position. After being apart for a considerable amount of time, Laurie and I were finally able to meet up again on March 3 of this year and catch up on each other’s lives while also discussing the happenings that had taken place during the time that we had been absent.

The usual amount of laughter that one would expect to hear on times such as these could be heard across the room. I was able to broaden the scope of my social circle and meet some new people as a result of the fact that both her mother and Mike were there at the event. As a direct result of their presence, I had the opportunity to interact with a number of new people. When you attend to a party in Paxton, Massachusetts, you can rest assured that you will have a good time at each and every one of those parties. You can be sure of this because Paxton has some of the best parties in the state. You are free to find solace in the reality that this is the situation.