Lauren Riddle Obituary, Virginia Beach, Lauren Riddle has Reportedly Passed Away

Lauren Riddle Obituary, Death – We are writing to you today to make a formal request for your assistance in providing financial assistance to our close friends Lauren and Joe, together with their three children, Uzi, Cruz, and Goldie. Lauren has been engaged in a difficult fight against brain tumors for the past 12 years, and this fight has recently become more intense. Twelve years ago, shortly after the discovery of the first tumor and shortly after giving birth to Uzi, Lauren underwent an initial surgery to remove the tumor; however, this surgery was not successful in removing the entire tumor. Following that operation, she has undergone multiple cycles of chemotherapy in addition to proton therapy radiation in an effort to control the growth of the tumor.

Lauren began having new physical symptoms a few months ago, which led to the finding of a second tumor that is rapidly expanding. The tumor is actively growing. Because of these symptoms, she is unable to utilize her right side and requires daily care. This has presented a number of difficulties for her physically. Lauren and Joe have maintained their composure in the face of a challenge that the most of us would have a hard time even imagining. They have done it with both grace and resolution.

To our great relief, they are approaching this challenge with a great deal of faith. At the moment, there are a great deal of logistical obstacles in addition to monetary challenges and emotional challenges. In addition to the work that needs to be done around the house to make it more hospitable and accessible for Lauren, Lauren’s medical expenses will continue to be a burden well into the foreseeable future. There are additional problems associated with day-to-day life, such as childcare and bills. It is easy to see why they made the decision to become a one-income family several years ago. It was determined that Lauren is eligible for disability compensation; however, due to a clerical error and the usual delays, she will not receive any aid from the government for several more months.