Kristan Mouat Obituary, NZ , Logan Park High School Co-principal Has Died

Kristan Mouat Obituary,

Kristan Mouat Obituary, Death –  An administrator at Logan Park High School in Dunedin has unexpectedly passed away. After being informed by her family, the school informed the surrounding community about the untimely passing of Kristan Mouat, who served as a co-principal at the institution.

The Board of Trustees at Logan Park High School expressed their profound sorrow over the unanticipated passing of a member of the school community and expressed their condolences through a post on the school’s Facebook page. We will always remember her as a warm, vibrant, nurturing, invaluable educator, and an inclusive leader.” The school will be closed on Monday and Tuesday in order to give the community time “to deal with this devastating news.”

During this trying time, additional information will be sent to whanau via email. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Mouat’s legacy is celebrated via the words of former and current students, faculty, and kura. According to the words of Jayden Trinh Jesudhass, “Ms. Mouat was a leader and teacher like no other – one of the teachers that constantly inspired and pushed me.” Tessa Day commented that “She was my English teacher around 25 years ago, and she made the biggest difference in my challenging life.”

As soon as I stepped through the door, she had a complete understanding of who I was. “I’ve always referred to her as a likeness to Miss Honey from Matilda,” said Day. “The two of them are very similar.”The teaching community and Logan Park will suffer a significant setback as a result of the loss of Mouat.Following his tenure on the school’s senior management team, Mouat was promoted to the position of co-principal of the institution in 2017, taking over for Peter Hills. At home, Kristan Mouat passed away without any discomfort.