Krista Hayes Obituary, Portsmouth City School Teacher Has Passed Away

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Krista Hayes Obituary, Death – We regretfully have to provide you this information. The loss of two of our instructors has severely saddened and grieved our Trojan family. Krista Hayes, a language arts teacher at PHS for the ninth grade, and Joie Patrick, an East Portsmouth Elementary interventionist. They developed a well-deserved reputation as inspirational educators during their time at PCSD, constantly looking for new methods to support each student and help them reach their full potential.

Both of these women used innovative teaching strategies, established high standards and expectations, and encouraged their pupils to do their best work. Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. Patrick were two teachers that the students adored. Their grins made everyone around them happier, and their contagious personalities made everyone around them smile.

We are extending our deepest condolences to the families of Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. Patrick. We were truly blessed by their professionalism and caring spirits. The Portsmouth City School District was a better place because of the presence of Krista and Joie.