Kisha Flanigan Obituary, Tennessee, Kisha Flanigan has died

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Kisha Flanigan Obituary, Death – Gir In light of everything that has taken place, I merely do not know what to say since I am at a loss for words. You have subjected me to an amount of anguish that is beyond my comprehension because of this one. You filled the same function in my life as a stepmother would in the life of a child. You were an important figure in my upbringing.

Everyone was aware that you were my girlfriend, and despite the fact that I was your responsibility, you looked out for me and took care of me as if I were your own child… You have been there for me ever since the first day we met while we were both students at Velma Jackson High School, and I cannot thank you enough for that… You made it a top priority to ensure that I had all that was required for me to function well, and I really appreciate that.

Even after I had finished high school, you continued to worry about how I was doing and acted in a way that was quite similar to how a mother would. I really appreciated that. Karter is to responsible for my being able to attend this meeting, and I owe him a debt of gratitude for making it possible for me to do so. This resulted in a great deal of suffering for me, and it did so in a variety of ways.

I’m going to give you one more embrace, and this one is going to be substantially longer than the others because I want to demonstrate how much I care for you… I had literally just picked you up from the airport a few minutes ago when I got your phone… The next day, we all decided to meet together as we had originally planned… Oh, Lord, I have been hurt by this. Please heal me. I admire you, Angel, you wonderful creature. Forever my Angel. Love your Tesa.