Kevin French Obituary, Death, Funeral Details

Liam McCallum Obituary, Death, Funeral Details

Kevin French Obituary, Death – On June 7, Kevin French died away, and on June 8, he made his transition to the spot that will serve as his home for the rest of eternity. Kevin French will now spend all of eternity in this location. We would like to offer an invitation to each of you to attend a memorial ceremony that will be held on the 16th of June, commencing at eleven in the morning, to commemorate and celebrate his life.

The service will be held at a location that will be announced at a later date. Phenix City, which is located in Alabama, is home to the Summerville Baptist Church. The city is in the state of Alabama. We have high hopes that we will be able to become closer to one another and to other people through participation in this church. The family had already made it clear that they wanted this to go ahead.

We would appreciate it if, in lieu of sending flowers, you would seriously consider making a donation to either the Summerville Baptist Church or the Waverly Refuge Church instead. Thank you. I would like to express my appreciation in advance for your careful consideration of this topic. Both of these religious organizations call Waverly, Georgia their place of worship and administrative headquarters.

I am grateful. We are grateful not only for the numerous hugs, phone calls, texts, and cards that have been sent our way, but also for the meals that have been cooked for us, and we are quite appreciative for this.  We are filled to the brim with gratitude for all of these things that have been done for us. The fact that we were able to refer to him as our Father, Husband, and Grandpa all at the same time was something that we regarded as an extraordinarily beautiful blessing. We were able to do all three of these things with him. Following the conclusion of the service, an invitation to a reception that will be held in the fellowship hall will be distributed to each person who was present at the ceremony.