Ken Stockstill Obituary, Founder And Manager Of Blueberry Fields Has Died

Ken Stockstill Obituary, Death –  Blueberry Fields, the name of the community garden that is a part of Home Suite Hope, was founded by Ken Stockstill, who is also in charge of managing the field. The Upper Oakville Shopping Centre is home to the retail establishment known as Blueberry Fields. When they found out about his loss, the staff members and volunteers at Home Suite Hope were unable to find any comfort from the pain they were feeling over his passing.

Ken Stockstill, the man who conceived of Blueberry Fields and was the driving force behind the creation of Blueberry Fields, passed away on June 5 after a brief battle with sickness. Ken Stockstill was the man who was responsible for the establishment of Blueberry Fields. He was the driving force that ultimately resulted in the formation of Blueberry Fields. When you find out this information, you are going to be taken aback and terribly distressed just like I was because so many of you have had a long-standing relationship with Ken.

In fact, you are going to feel exactly the same as I did. We are all aware of Ken’s enthusiasm for gardening and for helping others, and as a direct result, we have all benefited from his generosity and the vast amount of gardening knowledge that he was always glad to teach to others. We are all aware of Ken’s infectious enthusiasm for gardening and for lending a helping hand to those around him.

The news of his departure will cause a great deal of sorrow to everyone. – In addition to her duties at Blueberry Fields, where she coordinates the efforts of the garden volunteers, Ruth Borst serves as Ken’s right hand. In this trying time, we are keeping Ken’s family as well as the rest of the employees at Blueberry Fields in our thoughts and prayers. To all of us, Ken was a wonderful source of motivation and inspiration.