Keith Chapman Obituary, Redcar Literary Institute Committee Member Has Died

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Keith Chapman Obituary, Death – The Redcar Literary Institute is in a terrible position because they are compelled to inform people about the passing of much-loved committee member Keith Chapman despite the fact that doing so causes them a great lot of anguish. This is because they are mandated to do so. Over the period of more than half a century, Keith has consistently assisted the Institute in the roles of volunteer, committee member, Chairman, and Trustee. His contributions have been invaluable.

In addition to that, he has served as the head of a number of other organizations, including the committee that is in charge of the games. Because he had such a strong interest in snooker, he made it his business to check on the tables and make sure that they were in a condition where they could be played at all times. He did this as a matter of course. He has worked tirelessly both as a committee member and as a volunteer, and his passion to the cause has never faltered at any point.

As a direct consequence of this, the fire has not been extinguished. Because of how significant they were to the expansion of the organization, his contributions of support and knowledge to the development of the Lit into what it is now will be sorely missed. Nobody will ever forget the amazing degree of skill he possessed, the high standards he upheld, and the unwavering dedication he showed to both the Institute and the Snooker Hall.

We want him and everyone else in his family to know that we are thinking of them and sending our best wishes their way. It has been decided that the memorial service for him will be place at the Kirkleatham Memorial Park & Crematorium on June 16 at 1 PM.