Juniper Ammons Car Accident, Juniper Ammons Has Died

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Juniper Ammons Car Accident, Death –  According to family relatives, the young girl hospitalized after being struck by a van in Pollock Pines is currently in a stable condition. They are keeping a careful eye on her. She is steady, and the UC Davis staff is outstanding. So, for the time being, those numbers remain stable, and that’s all we can hope for, according to the child’s aunt Allison Warren. The four-year-old Juniper Ammons, according to Warren, was one of the five kids struck by an equipment van in Pollock Pines.

“At the moment (during a field trip to a park), they were crossing the street, but the young man missed them and ran into five kids, who were all hurt. She added that Juniper was one of them. She claimed that since Juniper arrived at the hospital, her sister and brother-in-law have been by her side. For the time being, Warren’s role as the older sister and her family’s role is to support them no matter how difficult it may be.

“Me, my sister Jill, and my sister Kelsey were there with her today. Warren stated, “But we’re strong in front of her, and then we have our moments where we just kind of scream it out in the car, and then and then we go back up and we support. Anyone willing to offer a prayer is one of the things the family is currently asking for.

Warren stated that Juniper “needs that — she needs that support” and added, “Right now, the more prayers we get, the louder we are.” The aim is that Juniper reverts to the “ray of sunshine” they are all familiar with. She illuminates a space… We joke about her having such an ancient soul, which makes us giggle. She says things that make you wonder how a four-year-old could have spoken them. Just and she have the biggest hearts ever. She only desires to assist others, according to Warren.