Julie Summers Obituary, Death, Jacksonville IL, Julie Summers Has Died

Julie Summers Obituary – There have been a large number of kind friends reaching out to her and praying for her over the past nearly two weeks. I’d want to thank everyone for that! Right now, I don’t have very many words available to me. I felt it was important for everyone to be aware of what had taken place. Julie, my stunning and incredible wife, passed away yesterday as a result of the effects of a severe stroke.

She was the best mother there could have been for our children, and she had a lot of friends. Julie was the one who kept me in check and called me out on my mistakes, which were frequent. She was the love of my life, my soul mate, and the person who kept me in check. We both laughed at how unconditionally she loved me, and I feel the same way about her. She helped me become a better man overall.

Julie had a deep and abiding affection for her life and all of the people in it. She had a genuine passion for entertaining others and genuinely wanted those who were close to her to have the finest experience imaginable. Please try not to feel sorry for her. That is something she would never want. She is now with God and all of our loved ones in paradise after passing away. I can only imagine that she is most likely in paradise right this moment presiding over a huge celebration with all of them.