Juanda Myers Obituary, Juanda Myers Has Died

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Juanda Myers Obituary, Death –   Juanda Lois Myers, who had lived for 79 years before passing away on May 29, 2023, did so in a composed and unruffled manner. She had lived her entire life. She has a long and fruitful life behind her. She has spent the entirety of her existence on this planet alive. At the time of her departure, she had 79 years under her belt as a human being. On October 9, 1943, she was born to her parents, Raymond George and Kathleen George, in Selman City, Texas.

Her parents were her namesakes. George was also the name of both of her grandmothers. Her parents were her namesakes. Her grandfather gave the name George to both of her grandmothers, so she has two grandmothers named George. Her parents were her parents. Her parents were her parents. The members of Juanda’s immediate family addressed her as “Nanaw” out of reverence and gratitude for everything that she had done for them and because she was the matriarch of the family.

Juanda was the eldest child in her family. They referred to her in this manner out of admiration and appreciation for everything that she had done for them. Juanda was the family’s matriarch for a number of years during her tenure. They did this because in addition to calling her by that name, they also referred to her as “Nana.” Her hearty and welcoming laugh, combined with her genuine good disposition, made a positive difference in the lives of an incredible number of individuals…