Joseph Gibson Obituary, Joseph Gibson Has Been Shot Death

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Joseph Gibson Obituary, Death – In the early hours of Thursday morning, a house invasion in Centerville resulted in a shooting, which resulted in the death of a man. The victim of the shooting was named as Dayton resident Joseph Gibson, 36 years old, by the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office on Thursday afternoon. Gibson was shot and killed during the incident.

According to Centerville Public Information Officer John Davis, police were called to the 9700 block of Sheehan Road just before 5 a.m. when a woman at the residence claimed that someone was attempting to break into the house. A request for public records was made by News Center 7 in order to get the 911 call.

The woman called 911 and said that there was someone attempting to break into their home at that very moment. Davis stated that they were able to hear what they assumed to be a gunshot while they were on their way to the residence. The “bang” that they heard could be heard over the phone. Officers were greeted at the front door by a man who informed them that he had just finished shooting an intruder who had broken into his house.

After afterwards, officers spotted Gibson lying on the floor inside the front entrance with a head wound caused by a gunshot. On the spot, a medical examiner determined that he had passed away. Davis reported that the cops also discovered a female in her forties lying face down on the front yard. She was unresponsive but still breathing. She was brought to a nearby hospital by emergency medical personnel to receive treatment for issues that were unrelated to the incident.