Joseph Gibson Obituary, Death, Funeral Details

Santina House Obituary, Death, Funeral Details

Joseph Gibson Obituary, Death – A man was killed in the early hours of Thursday morning in Centerville after he was shot during a house invasion that led to a shooting. The incident occurred in the early morning hours of Thursday. The victim of the shooting has been identified as Joseph Gibson, a resident of Dayton who was 36 years old. This information was provided by the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office on Thursday afternoon. During the course of the conflict, Gibson was fatally shot and murdered.

John Davis, the public information officer for the city of Centerville, stated that the police were called to the 9700 block of Sheehan Road just before 5 a.m. when a woman who lived there reported that someone was attempting to break into the house. Davis added that they were able to hear what they believed to be a gunshot while they were on their way to the residence, and that they speculated that it occurred while they were there.

It was possible for them to hear the “bang” that they heard through the phone. A man who had just finished shooting an intruder who had broken into his house received the officers as they arrived at the front door. He told the officers that the burglar had broken into his residence. After then, officers found Gibson lying on the floor at the front entry with a head wound inflicted by a gunshot. Gibson was bleeding heavily from the wound.

Davis told them that the police also found a woman in her forties who was laying face down in the front yard. She was unresponsive, but her respiration continued normally. She was taken to a hospital in the area by those who work in emergency medical services so that she could receive treatment for difficulties that were unrelated to the occurrence. There were no further reports of anyone being hurt in the incident. The authorities have not yet completed their investigation into the shooting.