Jonathan Isaak Obituary, Jonathan Isaak has Reportedly Passed Away

Jonathan Isaak Obituary, Death – We like to express our sincere condolences to Donald’s close friend and longstanding teammate at Stony Creek Breads, Jonathan Isaak, who passed away on Wednesday, June 31. Jonathan was a longtime member of the Stony Creek Breads team. Jonathan was an employee at Amberley Farmers Market for a very long time. In his younger years, he worked as a baker in California, and he was one of the early stallholders at the American Farmers Market (AFM).

His chocolate brownie earned a reputation for being rather legendary. People would get up early and head to the market in the hopes of purchasing some of it before it ran out, which typically occurred within an hour. In addition to that, he marketed pickles and chutneys, some of which were rather unique. Additionally, Jonathan filled in as the market manager when MJ Mumford quit her position and before Margot Korhonen began hers. He played the part of Father Christmas with great enthusiasm at a number of Christmas markets.

Jonathan has been seen more recently behind the full tables at Stony Creek Breads, serving clients with a smile and an upbeat word, and speaking a little longer with frequent customers. He cherished both the market itself and the concept of farmer’s markets as important components of their own communities. We anticipate that a good number of you will share the same feelings of dismay and shock that we do in response to this information. You will have the opportunity to write down your thoughts and feelings about Jonathan in a book that will be provided for you tomorrow at the location of the Stony Creek Breads stall.