Joliet Illinois Manhunt, Suspects in Custody After Conducting Several Burglaries

Joliet Illinois Manhunt – On Tuesday, three residents of Chicago were taken into arrest following a manhunt that lasted for several hours in the south suburbs and resulted in an order to shelter in place. There is still one burglary suspect at large, and it is possible that he is armed. The police reported that they received a request for assistance at approximately 5 in the morning from law enforcement agencies in the suburbs of Chicago. These agencies were on the trail of burglary suspects driving two stolen Chrysler 300s, one of which had been taken from Lockport.

After cops had used stop sticks on the vehicles, it was discovered that the suspects had fled on foot near the intersection of Black Road and Junie Court before the officers arrived. In the area bounded by Black Road, Midland Avenue, Catherine Road, and Glenwood Avenue, the police started a manhunt with their firearms drawn and used drones and K9s to search for the suspect. The police have stated that they have made the determination that the suspects may be armed, and they have issued a reverse 911 call advising residents of the neighborhood to take cover in their homes. The order was canceled at approximately 10:28 in the morning.

It appears that these individuals may have been working in tandem with each other, but all of that is still being looked into as we speak here,” Joliet police Sgt. Dwayne English said. According to the information that I’ve received, these individuals have been responsible for a number of car thefts and associated burglaries in the western and northern suburbs. It’s still being investigated at this point, but it seems like these individuals may have been working together to commit these crimes. “This is a dynamic and changing scenario. Because we have not yet determined whether or not these suspects actually own firearms, the situation is currently quite precarious.