John Mahoney Obituary, John Mahoney Has Passed Away

John Mahoney Obituary,

John Mahoney Obituary, Death – On December 18, 1954, John (Jack) was born in Winchester, Massachusetts. the child of Janet Marie (Murphy) and John J. Mahoney, Sr. In Massachusetts, Woburn and Stoneham are where Jack grew up. As a young man, Jack worked mostly in sales, first in auto dealerships and later in the sale of industrial equipment. Before coming to Tucson and returning to business-to-business sales, he co-owned two NAPA locations.

He held positions at Home Depot, Truly Nolan, San Plumbing, NAPA, Factory Motor Parts, TCI, Oracle Ford, and Fleet Discount Tyres while residing in Tucson. Because he enjoyed meeting new people and conversing with them to discover mutual interests, he found success in sales.

Many of the people he now counts as friends were formerly just sales leads that developed into friendships centred mostly around cars and weekly sales trips. When he started chatting with a complete stranger in a Radio Shack, my daughter, who was maybe 4 or 5, inquired whether her father knew the man. This happened as we were raising our kids.