John Harmon Suicide, New Jersey Resident, John Harmon Has Died

Luke Donovan Obituary,

John Harmon Suicide, Death –   It was discovered the night before yesterday at this city’s Michigan Exchange Hotel that John H. Harmon had inexplicably disappeared without a trace. The hotel is located in this city. Because so few people were ever aware that he was ill in the first place, everyone was stunned to receive the news that he had passed suddenly this morning. As a direct consequence of this, everyone was completely astounded by the revelation.

On April 23, 1949, in the city of Salem, which is located in the state of Oregon, Doris (Emery) Harmon and Clarence Harmon became parents for the first time to their son John. They lived in Oregon at the time. They rejoiced at the news that he had entered the world. John was a wonderful son, a revered and cherished brother, a devoted husband, and a kind father and grandfather. He will be missed by all who knew him.

In addition to that, he was a loving father and grandfather. It was commonly known that John would provide a helping hand to other people, regardless of whether or not he knew those people directly. This trait of John’s was well regarded.
Those who had a close contact with him can attest to the fact that he was always willing and ready to share his knowledge and abilities on a wide variety of subjects with anyone who inquired about them.  This is something that can be confirmed by those who had a close relationship with him. The fact that he maintained tight relationships with individuals who maintained close relationships with him lends credence to this assertion.