John Aynedjian Obituary, Death, Funeral Details

John Jameson Obituary, Death, Funeral Details

John Aynedjian Obituary, Death – So, I suppose it’s time to tell my Facebook family and friends about this. On Monday, June 5, my father, John Aynedjian, unexpectedly died away. He was battling health problems that I won’t mention and ultimately lost the fight. He fought right up to his last breath, I can guarantee you. He was tenacious and never gave in to a challenge.

Despite his agony and his failing health, he continued to think positively. I’ve lost a lot of people recently that I was close to, but the loss and emotion over losing your father is a different kind of pain and emotional rollercoaster that I can’t even begin to put into words. His entire aura and enthusiasm will be missed. I’ve never met anyone more intelligent than this, a true genius.

The kindest and funniest person I’ve ever known (I’m still looking for his one-man comedy show I-NEED-JIN he did on Broadway). I consider myself really fortunate to have such a great and interesting father. No one else on the globe even remotely resembles him. He ALWAYS found time to play with a ball, go mountain biking, or drive me somewhere so he could show me the history of the site/battlefield/town we were visiting, even when he was completely absorbed with learning computer code or researching quantum physics.

A truly talented person and the ideal father a child could have. For my son Jacob, I’ll try my damnedest to do the same.
He would always exhort me to choose love over hate and assure me that it would triumph over all suffering and misery in the world. So inform a loved one you care about that you are thinking of them today. as tomorrow is not guaranteed. Too little time remains in our life to harbor hatred. I want you to know how much everyone in your life loved you because I love you, dad. Your exuberance of joy spread like wildfire. Sadly, this planet has lost a really bright light.