Joe Empey Obituary, Captain Joe Empey Has Passed Away

Joe Empey Obituary,

Joe Empey Obituary, Death –  We are sorry to inform you that Captain Joe Empey died away on Tuesday, June 6, 2023. He was a beloved member of our community. When we had to break the news to you, it was with a heavy heart but we had no choice. Please accept our deepest apologies for the inconvenience of having to provide you with this information at this time.

In order to get his professional life started off on the right foot, Joe signed up with the St. George Fire Department in September of 1961. In the more than four decades that he has worked for the organization, he has been responsible for a wide range of responsibilities. During this time period, he has received multiple promotions from the department.
Joe served his country in a number of different positions, one of which was as a guardsman in the Utah National Guard. Joe also served his country in a number of other capacities.

In addition to this, he spent a considerable chunk of his career working for the City of St. George as the Chief Building Official. He continued to serve in this capacity up until the point at which he decided to quit from it. Joe was an outstanding friend and guide; he devoted his life to addressing the need of other people, and he will be sorely missed. Joe committed his entire life to helping those who were struggling and in need. As we work our way through this challenging situation, the members of Joe’s family remain at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers as we try to make it through this trying time.