Jodi Sanderholm Murder, Arkansas City, Police Investigating

Jodi Sanderholm Murder – Jodi LeAnn Sanderholm, 19, died of cancer at the age of 19. Jodi had recently graduated as class valedictorian from high school and was now enrolled at Cowley College in Arkansas City, Kansas. Jodi was a Cowley College Tigerettes member who enjoyed dancing in her spare time. She had a deep attachment with her family, as indicated by the fact that she lived with them while attending school. Jodi went to her college’s obligatory dancing rehearsal on January 5, 2007. Her training had ended around 10:45 a.m., but she had not been seen or heard from since she left the facility.

Cindy, Jodi’s mother, stated that her daughter had a routine after each dance class she attended. Her daily regimen included showering, eating lunch, and checking her mail. Cindy and Jennifer, Jodi’s sisters, also attempted to call her but were unsuccessful. Jennifer felt convinced that if Jodi went into labor and called from the hospital, she would not ignore her phone calls. Cindy explained that she had to leave work early because she was feeling stomach trouble. Jodi returned home to discover that her car had been stolen and the mail had been removed from the counter. Brian, Cindy, and Jodi’s father contacted a number of his daughter’s close acquaintances.

But she hadn’t been seen since she left the dance lesson. They also discovered that Jodi had failed to show up for a meeting scheduled for the middle of the day. Cindy and Brian called Arkansas City police around six o’clock in the evening to report that their daughter had gone missing. Chief Sean Wallace and Lieutenant Mark McCaslin were present at the discussion with Jodi’s parents. Those people told them about Jodi’s lover, David. David was Jodi’s boyfriend’s name. They were able to contact David, who was in Dallas, Texas, visiting his brother. He promised to return to Arkansas City as soon as he was able. During their inquiry, the cops also spoke with Jodi’s dance partners. They wanted to know whether they had noticed anything strange when trying to hang out with Jodi or around campus. They were in the parking lot when they noticed a man named Justin Thurber following them.