Jocelyn Harris Obituary, Island NY, Jocelyn Harris Has Died

Jocelyn Harris Obituary, Death – Jocelyn Kay Palmer Harris, a resident of Colorado Springs, Colorado, moved on to the next adventure on October 29, 2022, moving on from this world of traveling to the one after that. Jocelyn Palmer was born on February 12, 1978 in the city of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

She was the fourth child and the first girl to be born to Paul and Claudette Palmer. During her formative years, she delighted in contributing to the family business alongside her parents, brothers, and, later, her younger twin sisters. Her family made the move to St. George, Utah, in 1989, where she honed her work ethic and perseverance while helping her parents landscape in the stifling heat of the area.

She also acquired a passion for exploring the great outdoors at this time, which led to the growth of her love for outdoor adventuring. After graduating from Pine View High School in 1996 and getting her diploma, she went on to study at Dixie College, where she was elected to the position of Student Body President for the years 1998 to 1999. During her tenure as president of Dixie College, she led efforts to expand the institution into a full-fledged university.

Jocelyn served a mission for the LDS church in Donetsk, Ukraine, during which time she fell in love with the people of the city. After twenty years, she returned to provide assistance to them. Her wedding to Tom Harris took place in the St. George LDS Temple on March 10, 2001. They embarked on a journey that would lead them to some incredible new experiences and then some.

During the time that Jocelyn and her companions spent traveling the world, teaching English in Taiwan, graduating from medical school in Burlington, Vermont, and Columbus, Ohio, participating in dozens of humanitarian and medical relief missions, and engaging in a vast array of other pursuits, Jocelyn made friends with whom she remained in close contact until the end of her life.