Jim Cour Obituary, Jim Cour Has Died

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Jim Cour Obituary, Death – It was just recently brought to my attention that Jim Cour had abruptly passed away, and the news has left me feeling completely bewildered and heartbroken. I will never get over the fact that Jim Cour died. As a result of everything that Jim has done for me, I will be in Jim’s debt for the rest of my life. I am extremely grateful. It is just out of the question for me to ever be able to compensate him.

Jim was a veteran journalist who worked for the Associated Press as a correspondent for the organization’s Seattle bureau. Jim worked for the Associated Press. He was assigned to work in the city of Seattle during his service. There, he was employed by the local newspaper in the capacity of a reporter. During that time, he considered the place to be his principal place of residence.

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