Jetaya Lucero Obituary, Kansas, Teen Girl Found Dead from Lack Of Oxygen

Jetaya Lucero Obituary, Death – I am going to abandon this here so that it won’t be necessary for my family to go through this. My younger sister Jetaya, who was found lifeless and without a heartbeat, was found to be 19 years old. Sadly, she had passed away. She was brought back to consciousness after a protracted period of time spent unconscious. We awoke to the news that she had been there when we woke up yesterday morning. The people who found her immediately began doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on her, and in the end, they were successful in getting her heart to begin beating again.

After that, she was transported to a hospital in the area, where she was hooked up to a ventilator once she arrived there. Unfortuitously, she was deprived of oxygen for an excessively extended amount of time, and as a consequence, her brain proceeded to swell to the point where it obstructed the flow of blood. As a result, she passed away. The results of today’s testing indicate that her brain was not able to be saved since she did not receive an adequate amount of oxygen. The tragedy that struck our family will, praise be to God, ultimately result in the salvation of others because of the donation of her organs and the recounting of her story.

As we move through these challenging times, I ask that you please be cautious and make an attempt to limit the amount of outreach that you undertake. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. When we have more information to provide, we will provide details about the memorial service that will be held for her. In the meanwhile, please accept our apologies. I am thankful to you for your understanding, and I humbly request that you pray for the health and happiness of those who are dear to me. It is my earnest hope that making this information public will eliminate the need to individually notify each person about what took transpired. If this is successful, then my desire will have been fulfilled.