Jerry Raymond Missing, Melbourne FL Missing Person

Jerry Raymond Missing – Jerry Raymond, a citizen of Central Florida, made news after he vanished after being last seen in Melbourne, Florida. Jerry Raymond’s wife explains his disappearance in a video she posted on social media, along with a clip of his truck. The video’s caption read:

“I’m asking for your assistance. Someone reported my hubby missing. Here he is. His truck is this one. The last place he was spotted was in Melbourne, Florida, traveling west on 192. Please aid us in locating him. In the video, she displays his photo and a clip of his truck while describing its make and model as a “2016 Chevy Silverado.” She continued by saying that Jerry Raymond, her husband, was traveling west on 192, possibly in the direction of Kissimmee or the north or south exits to 95.

Then she urged everyone to get in touch with her if they happened to find Jerry. Additionally, she begs the users of social media to get in touch with their local police enforcement if they discover any information regarding Jerry Raymond. His wife has not yet stated whether they were successful in finding him. Additionally, no information has been provided by the authorities on Jerry’s disappearance. However, because so many people are going missing across the states, social media users are worried about the nation’s citizens.