Jeffrey Warner Obituary, Jeffrey Warner Has Died

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Jeffrey Warner Obituary, Death – Jeffrey W. James Warner, who was 58 years old, regrettably passed away on June 2, 2023 at his house after unexpectedly passing out there. The circumstances surrounding his death are unknown. That particular day was the day he passed away. The underlying cause of death was an unexpected episode of fainting. The cause of the person’s passing could not be determined right away because doing so took some time and effort on the part of the investigators.

His mother and father are named Evelyn (Bellinger) Warner and Stanley Warner, respectively. His mother is Evelyn (Bellinger) Warner, and his father is Stanley Warner. He is the only child. His birth took place on February 3, 1965, in the city of Clare, in the state of California. His mother’s maiden name was Evelyn (Bellinger), and his father’s name is Stanley Warner. He was named after his father.

Jeff Warner is a child who has the right to be referred to as the son of his parents because he is a child who is cared for by both of his parents. This gives him the right to be called the son of his parents. Jeff completed all of his education in the Clare Public Schools and received his diploma from Clare High School in 1983.

Jeff received his education throughout his entire life. The Clare Public Schools were Jeff’s primary and secondary educational institutions. Beginning when he was still in elementary school, he continued his education at the College Park School (CPS) until he graduated from college. Jeff had reached the point where he could confidently assert that he had finished all of the requirements necessary to be awarded the diploma. This allowed him to move on to the next stage of the process.