Jay Brumbaugh Obituary, Member Of Eden Emergency & Rescue Squad Has Died

Jay Brumbaugh Obituary Death – Jay Brumbaugh, 35-year Eden Emergency and Rescue Squad Chaplain, died abruptly Saturday, May 27th.Jay joined the Eden Emergency and Rescue Squad when it offered the American Red Cross training in 1988. EEMS attracted Jay and his son Steve, who joined EEMS with his dad, through it. Jay initially wanted to participate in the organization, not merely join. Jay was a first responder and EMS driver, but he also loved EEMS rescue.

Just two weeks ago, Jay attended our Rescue training class on May 18.Jay wanted to assist his community, a common EMS goal. He loved people and appreciated the camaraderie. Even late in his career, he drove the ambulance and rescue vehicle to aid out. Unique group EEMS. Jay Brumbaugh made this group exceptional. Jay enjoyed the Thursday training night chats, fellowship, and organizational strength it built through EEMS roster cohesiveness and knowledge advancement.

As Chaplain, Jay would commence our General Business meetings with prayers on how the difficulties we face can harm our country and community. He preached to the youth, reminding them that the freedoms they take for granted were earned through sacrifice. Jay spoke softly and smiled. He said a lot, but not always with words. “Pick somebody in your family and friendship circle who needs prayer, and focus on them this week,” he said, believing in prayer and family. He chose a specific topic to pray about and convey a message he thought would be important and useful to the squad at that time. Jay believed in the Lord and the people.