Ida McLaren Obituary, IMS Society Omagh & District Group Member Has Died

Ida McLaren Obituary,

Ida McLaren Obituary, Death –   Ida McLaren’s contributions to the Group can be traced back across a substantial section of its life. These contributions, which are characterised by a high level of steadfast dedication, date back to when the Group was just getting started. In addition to this, she was Hazel Millar’s mother, and Hazel is currently working as a Volunteer for our organization. Hazel herself was a Volunteer prior to her passing.

Hazel spent her entire childhood in her home country of the United Kingdom. The woman raised Hazel Millar when she was a child. She was only herself. When the Group learned about her passing, the grief was compounded by the fact that she was the mother of one of our Volunteers. This brought the total number of people who passed away to three. Everyone in the Group was affected by this additional layer of their sadness. The news was even more disheartening to hear as a consequence of this.

During this difficult time, we are keeping Hazel and her family in our prayers and keeping them in our thoughts. We know that they are going through a lot right now, so we are keeping them in our prayers and keeping them in our thoughts. As we commemorate them here and now, we will continue to keep them in our thoughts and prayers as we go through this challenging time.