Ian Mcginty Obituary, Talented Artist Cause Of Death

Ian Mcginty Obituary, Death – We received sad news this morning: Ian McGinty, a fellow Fright Reads member, has passed away. He was an extremely gifted artist with abilities in voice acting, writing, and illustrations. His work on Adventure Time has been particularly enjoyable to me. It hurts to post this one. Unfortunately, Ian will not be attending our event. His death occurred this morning.

Some of you may recognize Ian McGinty as a voice actor, animator, illustrator, and writer. Among other shows, his art may be seen in Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and Invader Zim. Over a million people have watched his own animated pilot, Welcome to Showside, which is currently being turned into a series.

One of the illustrators who worked on the “What Do I Get?” short tale for the Young Men In Love anthology from the previous year was Ian McGinty. Yesterday, McGinty passed away. He was 38. His mother issued a public announcement of McGinty’s passing but, naturally, omitted to mention the reason of death.

Ian was a man of remarkable creativity who left behind wonderful illustrations and equally wonderful memories. Since his presence at FrightReads the previous year, he has been a good friend and supporter of the event. We regret having to make this announcement. I want to thank you all for your help and patience.He may be missing, yet he is still alive. Ian will be recalled, and his contributions will endure.