Holy Trinity Lockdown

Holy Trinity Lockdown – After the briefing given by the Ottawa Police on the lockdown that took place today in the afternoon, I had a conversation with Mrs. Belloni. Mrs. Belloni is proud of how both the staff and the children handled the events that occurred today. There will be lessons learned from today, but in the meantime, the staff and the students performed what they have prepared to do in these kinds of situations.

There have been a number of rumors spread today about what has been going on inside the school. To reiterate Mrs. Belloni’s message to the parents, there was a phone call made to the front office of Holy Trinity Catholic High School by an anonymous individual who claimed that someone with a weapon was currently present inside the building.

However, after thoroughly searching the premises, the police did not find any weapon. Please make sure to read the communication that was provided to parents earlier today if you have not done so already. Our Student Support Services Department is there to provide assistance to your kid at any time they feel the need to discuss the incident with another person. Do not be afraid to get in touch with the school in the event that you have any inquiries or concerns.