Hollywood Beach Shooting, 9 People Shot on Memorial Day

Hollywood Beach Shooting – Nine people were shot on a Hollywood, Florida oceanfront promenade on Memorial Day. Two suspects in the shooting were arrested Tuesday, and cops were looking for three others. Ben & Jerry’s, Subway, and a convenience store were nearby. Police spokesperson Deanna Bettineschi said four children aged 1-17 and five adults aged 25–65 were hit. No shooters were arrested. Bettineschi told reporters Tuesday afternoon that two accused shooters were apprehended for guns. South Florida cities, according to Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy.

When you do something like this in broad daylight, with CCTV cameras up and down our broadwalk, you will be identified, caught, and brought to justice,” Levy said Tuesday. “This behavior won’t be tolerated. Six patients—four children and two adults—remained stable Tuesday at Memorial Regional Hospital and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. Adults recovered. Chief Chris O’Brien said dozens of police responded, some close, to thousands of individuals. It’s unfortunate we have law-abiding citizens who come to our beaches and that gets interrupted by a group of criminals,” he said.

Levy said “completely unacceptable that innocent people spending time with family on a holiday weekend have been affected by a shooting altercation between two groups who came into our city with no regard for the safety of the law-abiding public around them. He praised “the good Samaritans, paramedics, police and emergency room doctors and nurses for their immediate response to aid the victims of today’s shooting.” A CBS Miami live feed showed people running. I saw a young man that was on the ground bleeding and they were applying pressure to prevent the bleeding,” Philadelphia tourist Vance Hendricks told the station. A distressed woman. She likely suffered leg wounds.” Alvie Carlton Scott III heard multiple beach gunfire. He ran behind a tree after a police officer told everyone to run.