Holly Balzer Missing, Please Help Find Holly Balzer

Holly Balzer Missing,

Holly Balzer Missing – In order to proceed with the investigation of previous situations of people going missing, we have teamed up with Calgary Crime Stoppers. We are asking the general public for help in our investigation into the disappearance of Holly Jo-Ann BALZER, who was 46 years old at the time that she was taken from her home. Holly’s family reported her missing on May 18, 2013, from Calgary, Alberta, after they had not heard from or seen her for around two months at the time the report was made.

On the same day, a missing person report was made for Holly. The investigation is currently ongoing, and members of the CPS Missing Persons Team would like to identify and speak with anyone who may have information regarding Holly and her whereabouts after the month of March 2013. Holly is said to have green eyes, be close to 93 pounds, stand 5 feet and 9 inches tall, and have blonde hair.

Her height has also been described as 5 feet and 9 inches. She was born missing all of her natural teeth and has a crimson birthmark that was placed on the back of her neck when she was born. Having said that, she does occasionally put on dentures. Her outfit from the time she was last seen cannot in any way be explained or accounted for.
ℹ️ In addition, Holly is listed as a missing person on the website for Canada’s Missing, which may be reached at http://www.canadasmissing.ca/. If you have any information regarding Holly’s whereabouts, please contact the organization immediately. For information, please contact CPS at (403) 266-1234