Hamilton Couple killed By Landlord

Hamilton Couple – The tragic shooting of an engaged couple who were fleeing their landlord following a fight near Hamilton, Ontario, has been the subject of new information that has surfaced. According to the property documents that CTV News Toronto was able to procure, the owner of the house in Stoney Creek that was located at 322 Jones Rd. and was close to Barton Street was a person by the name of Terry Brekka.

According to the papers, he has had legal possession of the property since the year 2003.On Saturday, the unidentified couple was killed when they sought to flee the residence from their 57-year-old landlord who had trapped himself in the house with many guns registered in his name. The pair was shot dead as they fled the residence after their landlord had barricaded himself in the house.

According to Brekka’s longtime neighbors, the pair – a female educational assistant who was 27 years old and a male electrician who was 28 years old – lived in the basement of the house while Brekka lived on the upper floors of the house. CTV News Toronto was told by a member of Brekka’s family that he was a steelworker, that he was alienated from some relatives, and that it was unknown whether or not he owned any firearms.

Tony Greenly, who had lived next door to Brekka for the previous 16 years, stated that despite the fact that he had never seen the guy armed, he still felt threatened by Brekka. According to Sandra Chaisson, who has called this location home for more than four decades, the house on Jones Road was originally purchased by the landlord from Sandra’s grandparents.

I find it hard to imagine that he registered his firearms… I am not too familiar with him. “It’s just so not in line with who I am,” she remarked. He did not speak at all. A very calm man. “I didn’t see him much, just to wave hello, but I haven’t seen him in a long time,” she added. “I haven’t seen him in a long time.” According to Det. Sgt. Steve Bereziuk, investigators are not in a position to reveal the names of either the suspects or the victims at this point in time.

During a press conference on Monday, he told reporters at the scene, “I do believe we’ll be in a position at some point to do that.” On Tuesday, Bereziuk stated that he will be traveling to a significant distance outside of the city in order to meet with the families who have been affected. You can imagine the families are really nothing short of broken right now,” he said. “You can’t even begin to imagine.”