Greg Butler Obituary, Greg Butler Fan Of Newsledder Has Passed Away

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Greg Butler Obituary, Death – This morning, we were given the devastating news that the Newsledder staff member and old friend Greg Butler had passed away the day before. The news was conveyed with us this morning. Not only had he been fighting illness for the past few years, but he had also been fighting against some less than ideal living arrangements. During this time, he had gone through a lot.

He was one of the extremely few individuals who truly knew what a custom or a kustom was, and he had no issue expressing his enthusiasm for old practices. He was also one of the very few people who knew what a custom or a kustom was. He was never coy or secretive about the fact that he enjoyed learning about traditional practices from the past.
The following is an example of one of his quotes that has been quite popular on Facebook over the past few years: “Oldskool doesn’t exist to me. It “never was,” and up until very recently, it was just any previous trend that was tossed into an automobile and declared to be the way it had always been until very recently. by cretins who are completely clueless about the topic they are discussing. No, Oldskool is dreadful!”
True old school music is unmistakably representative of the era in which it was created. It can only be described using terminology that is either conventional or appropriate for the time period. The staff of The Newsledder would like to express our deepest condolences to Greg Butler’s friends and family following his untimely passing.