George Baryawno Obituary, Pioneer In The Assyrian National Movement Has Died

George Baryawno Obituary,

George Baryawno Obituary, Death – George Baryawno, a pioneer in the Assyrian national movement in Sweden, died of a heart attack. He was one of the first people involved in the movement. The Assyrian community in Sweden has suffered a terrible setback with the passing of Baryawno. He was 72 years old at that point in time. Baryawno had already departed the house the previous evening.

George Aydin Baryawno, son of Khory Gabriel Aydin, was taken from this life in a manner that was completely unexpected. After his death, he will be survived by his wife, Teres Aydin Baryawno, as well as his four daughters, six grandsons, and three brothers and a sister. In addition, he will be remembered fondly by his grandchildren. In addition, he has six great-grandchildren, all of whom will remember him fondly.

Not only will he be leaving behind his wife when he dies away, but he will also be leaving behind his grandchildren. Because of the unselfish dedication and love that he had for the people and the communal way of life that he spent his entire life serving, he will be remembered for the rest of eternity for his unselfish dedication and love. This is because he served the people and the communal way of life for his entire life.

When he is gone, this will be the legacy that he leaves behind for people all across the world. But not only for that, but also for the fact that his sunny disposition was contagious and extended throughout his family as well as the other people in his local neighborhood. The congregation of St. Jacob’s Cathedral in Sodertalje will be ready to receive condolences following the demise of a loved one on Monday, June 12 and Tuesday, June 13, at five o’clock in the evening and eight o’clock in the evening, respectively. These times are to be observed on Monday and Tuesday, June 12 and 13, respectively.