Fari Rezai Obituary, Attorney And Owner Of Rezai & Associates Irvine CA, Fari Rezai Committed Suicide

Fari Rezai Obituary, Death – It is thought that Fari A. Rezai, an Irvine, California-based personal injury lawyer and the proprietor of Rezai & Associates, has passed away. The law office in Irvine, California, on Main Street was owned and run by Fari A Rezai.

He was one of ten felon attorneys who were accused of participating in a workers’ compensation fraud scheme that allegedly involved more than 33,000 patients and more than $300 million in insurance payouts. Unproven stories claim that the prosecutor appeared to have committed suicide before passing away.

Whether or not the cause of his passing was related to the ongoing trial is unknown at this time. The Orange County Superior Court received the case. Fari A. Rezai, an attorney, has been charged with a crime, according to a notice posted online by the Superior Court of Orange County.

The criminal case, with the case number 22CF0185, is still continuing in Orange County Superior Court. When lawyers are accused of a felony or several felonies in criminal court, the State Bar publishes consumer notifications online. The state bar encourages anyone who feels they are the victim of attorney misconduct to file a complaint.

On June 1st, 1998, Fari A. Rezai was admitted to the California State Bar. Attorney Fari A Rezai handled workers’ compensation lawsuits for Irvine. Since 2021, the litigation has been in progress. The circumstances surrounding his reported suicide are still hazy. Soon, more information will be updated.