Falmouth MA Car Accident, 2 Killed, 1 Critically Injured

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Falmouth MA Car Accident – An accident caused by a driver going the wrong way on Interstate 295 in Falmouth, Maine, on Memorial Day caused traffic to come to a complete halt for many hours. According to the Maine State Police, the accident resulted in the deaths of two persons and left another person in critical condition.

The serious collision that took place on the northbound side of Interstate 295 at mile marker 10 just after 10 a.m. prompted the response of the state police as well as many other emergency services. Just south of Exit 11, they issued a request to the public to stay away from the area while emergency personnel attended to the injured and performed their investigation at the incident.

A journalist working for the local station of NBC, News Center Maine, stated that he observed two funeral home vans arrive at the scene.At first, state police were unable to provide any information regarding the severity of anyone’s injuries; however, they later confirmed in a news statement that this information was available around 5:30 p.m. On Monday, it was reported that Nancy Ezhaya, who was 72 years old and was from Yarmouth, and Allen Apblett, who was 61 years old and from Oklahoma, had died in the incident.

In addition to Apblett, the accident severely hurt the victim’s wife. There was not any new information regarding her condition. A preliminary investigation conducted by state police indicates that a Toyota SUV driven by Ezhaya entered Interstate 295 going south in the northbound lane, colliding head-on into a Honda SUV that was heading north in the northbound lane. This information comes from the state police.

It was not immediately obvious why Ezhaya was driving in the wrong direction, but it was plain that she was. The inquiry into the crash is still ongoing.According to reports from News Center Maine, the roadway was closed for around three hours as a result of the two deadly accidents that occurred at the end of the holiday weekend. Traffic was rerouted onto Route 1 in Falmouth at Exit 9. The highway was made available to motorists at approximately 1:15 p.m.