Elton Whitehouse Obituary, Elton Whitehouse MD Haulage Ltd., Driver Has Died

Elton Whitehouse Obituary,

Elton Whitehouse Obituary, Death –The demeanor of anybody that works here at MD Haulage Ltd., which is where I do, can probably be summed up best as serious. As a result of the news that “number 1 driver” Elton Whitehouse had passed away on May 22, 2023, we are in a state of enormous and profound sorrow. There was coverage of this occurrence in the media.

Elton was more than simply a worker; he was the most trustworthy friend, the most beloved companion, and was more like a member of the family than anything else. He was an asset to the family. As a result of the fact that he possessed each of these qualities, his coworkers at MD Haulage held him in the highest regard that was humanly conceivable.
During this difficult time, we want his loving wife Sharron and his children Andrew, Jack, and Terri-ann to know that our thoughts and prayers are with them and will continue to be with them always.

We want them to know that we will always be there for them. Your anguish and sorrow are shared by each and every one of us. Your boots, Elt, are ones that can never be filled, and no one will ever be able to fill them. There is no one who will ever be able to fill them. There will never be another person who is capable of filling them.
Please take it easy; it will be a while before we cross paths again till the next time I go behind the wheel.