Ellis Holman Obituary, Beaumont Native, Identified As Drowning Victim

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Ellis Holman Obituary, Death – First responders discovered a body in the LNVA canal behind West End Lodge on Major Drive, according to Beaumont police. Justice of the Peace Ben Collins Sr. informs KFDM/Fox 4 that the body belongs to a 17-year-old teenager; however, his name will not be revealed until his family is notified.

The same teen, according to investigators, shouted at passersby outside the complex on Friday afternoon before jumping into the canal and screaming that he couldn’t swim. About 4:30 p.m. on Friday, police had rushed to the disturbance and were attempting to speak with the adolescent, who was standing on top of a 20-foot levee and wearing red shorts and no shirt, but they were unable to see him due to the dense vegetation.

Witnesses on a second story landing say he was yelling and then jumped into the canal. Just after entering the water, he began waving his hands and screamed that he couldn’t swim. Once officers made it through the thick brush and to the top of the levee, there was no sign of the teen or where he could be. The Beaumont Fire Department Dive Team searched until nearly 9 p.m. without finding him.