Eleanor Dessify Obituary, Canonsburg PA, Funeral Details Of Eleanor Dessify

Eleanor Dessify Obituary Death – On September 18th, 1932, Luella (Vanderhoff) and John Davidson welcomed their daughter Eleanor Luella Davidson into the world. She attended Chelsea Heights Elementary School in St. Paul, where she met her lifelong friends Olive (Williams) Kunz and Joanne (MacDonald) Anderson.

These three young ladies all went to Murray High School together and graduated in 1950. Eleanor began working at the St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Company shortly after finishing her education. When she arrived home from work, she would walk through the Midway at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Later in her career, she worked for the State of Minnesota’s Civil Service Department, the Minnesota Correctional Facility, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) selling pull tabs, and she even worked as a temp/receptionist at the Andersen Corporation at the age of 80.

Olive, Joanne, and Eleanor remained close friends right up to Eleanor’s death. Eleanor was ultimately allowed to marry Gilbert James Anderson on September 19, 1953. Eleanor was a member of the Field-Schlick Drum and Glockenspiel Corp. in 1953, and she played the enormous bass drum. Her father was her biggest fan and would join them to parades to see her play the enormous drum. Eleanor’s favorite hobby was playing cards, and she would host card games for couples at our place on weekends while feeding them food and “pop.” Every year, she looked forward to spending the holidays with all of her siblings and their children.

The holidays were filled with both pleasant and sorrowful emotions. Eleanor’s favorite duty was keeping her house, which was built in the 1850s, clean. She took great pride in ensuring that things went smoothly at home so that her father could relax after a long day at work and that we, her children, could enjoy the beautiful summer days by swimming in Square Lake. For her, it wasn’t just a job; it was her passion, and she excelled at it. She was an excellent baker all year, but especially over the holidays. Cookies, pies, cakes, and bars were among her specialties. She was truly amazing!