Douglas Trent III Obituary, Douglas Trent IIIhas passed away

Shellie Spies Obituary, Shellie Spies has passed away

Douglas Trent III Obituary, Death – On Saturday morning, the pedestrian who was killed when he was walking on the Outer Loop and was struck by a vehicle and killed has been identified. The incident occurred on Friday night. On the Outer Loop at Briarcliff Road, not far from Interstate 65, at 5:30 in the morning, an accident occurred that resulted in the death of 32-year-old Douglas Trent III. His death was brought on by injuries sustained from a blow to the head.

The driver of the Dodge Caravan that hit Trent remained at the scene of the accident, and another car who was passing by stopped to assist as well and supplied Trent with first aid. Trent was not seriously injured in the collision. The workers from emergency medical services arrived at the scene at approximately 5:45 in the morning and announced that he had been pronounced dead there. An investigation is currently being carried out by the Traffic Unit of the LMPD.