Douglas Palmer Obituary, Douglas Palmer Has Been Shot Dead

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Douglas Palmer Obituary, Death –  The guy who was found dead in Norwood early on Monday morning after having been shot has been named by the Hamilton County Coroner. The incident occurred after the subject had been shot. According to the results of the coroner’s office, which confirmed the death, Douglas Lee Palmer Jr., age 26, passed away at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center as the consequence of what appears to be a homicide. The findings of the coroner’s office were used to confirm the death.

According to the incident detail report that was compiled after the event took place, the victim suffered a gunshot wound to the chest as a direct result of the occurrence. This was noted in the report that was taken after the event took place. Officers from the Norwood Police Department were sent to Hunter Avenue about one in the morning to examine the issue after receiving reports of shots fired in the area around that time.

The police say that when they arrived, they found Palmer lying on the floor of a house, and that he was carried to a local hospital by emergency medical services, where he was proclaimed dead upon his arrival at the hospital. The police also say that emergency medical services brought Palmer to the hospital after he was pronounced dead upon his arrival at the hospital. These particulars were provided by the local police agency.

The results of the investigation conducted by the office of the coroner indicated that the victim, who was 26 years old, had been living on the streets. There has not been any public declaration made by the police concerning a suspect in the inquiry as of this moment. Although the police have stated that they are currently conducting an investigation into the event, it is not apparent what led up to the actual shooting itself.