Doug Furer Obituary, Doug Furer Has Passed Away

Doug Furer Obituary,

Doug Furer Obituary, Death – Doug Furer passed away quietly this morning. We all lost the best father, husband, brother, and friend after a two-month battle. Wednesday is the funeral day in Woodbury, New York. On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, Shiva will be present.

We are devastated to announce the passing of my father, Douglas Furer, this morning. I’ve never met a better guy, and life wouldn’t be the same without him. In Woodbury, New York, a funeral will be place on Wednesday. Wed., Fri., and Sun., Shiva will be held at our home. Expressing condolence, or sympathy, the goal is to offer as much compassion, concern, and connection with the bereaved. It is difficult to convey your feelings in such situations that are extremely emotional.