Donna Neely Obituary, Death, Donna Neely Has Died

Donna Neely Obituary, Death – We were shocked to hear about the passing over the weekend of Donna Prescott, née Neely, a former friend and member of our group. When she was 8 years old, Donna joined the band and became a loyal member till she got married and moved to England 14 years ago. All of us who knew her will remember her with affection, and we would like to express our sincere condolences to the Neely family at this difficult time. In Donna’s own words from July 11, 2017, from a paragraph she penned six years ago:

I spent a lot of time as a Ballywillan member. Every time I dressed on the uniform, but especially on July 12th, I relished marching in the band. Walking down the Ballywillan hills in Portrush, wearing the uniform with pride, and relishing the anticipation of the day ahead were always the best parts of the morning. the melancholy that results from remembering those friends who have passed away, renewing old friendships with friends from different bands and lodges, and simply taking pleasure in the connection that banding gives. Being a member of a band is incredibly unique; it’s like having a family. Play me a little tune.