Dianne Fermoile-McAvoy Obituary, Identified as Murder Victim In Lockport, NY

Dianne Fermoile-McAvoy Obituary, Identified as Murder Victim In Lockport, NY

Dianne McAvoy Obituary, Death – Dianne M. Fermoile-McAvoy, 68, a resident of Lockport, was identified as the person who was killed on Wednesday in the town of Lockport by the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office. This information was released in a press release. The occurrence was discovered in the community of Lockport.

The Windermere County Sheriff’s Office received a call on Wednesday morning just after 9 o’clock asking them to check on the well-being of a woman who lived on Windermere Road. The caller provided no other details. A traveling nurse who was having trouble communicating with a patient who was staying at the apartment made the request. The patient was at the residence.

When the deputy entered the house, he found Fermoile-McAvoy lying lifeless on the floor with many wounds to her head and face. It had been some time since she had passed away. The information that was provided by the sheriff’s office indicated that she was not a resident there; rather, her mother, who is 98 years old, and her brother are the ones who live there. In addition, her brother is being investigated as a suspect in connection with her passing away.

On Wednesday, David B. Fermoile, 64, was arraigned on a charge of second-degree murder and remanded to the Niagara County Correctional Facility with no bail. The case against him was upgraded from a first-degree murder charge. The original charge of murder in the first degree has been elevated to murder in any degree. The deputy who entered the apartment after getting access to it found his mother “unharmed.” Fermoile-McAvoy’s mother was also found “unharmed” by the deputy.

Her close group of friends are in shock after learning about Fermoile-McAvoy’s passing because they cannot believe it. John Kowalski, another one of her neighbors on Continental Drive, said that Fermoile-McAvoy was a nice and active person who was frequently seen strolling around her neighborhood. Kowalski said that he saw Fermoile-McAvoy on a regular basis. “She was always walking, riding her bicycle, or walking with her daughter,” Kowalski stated about her when referring to her. “She never sat still for long.” They were continuously stopping to converse and wave at one another as they passed each other.

Jim McGrath, who has worked with Fermoile-McAvoy’s husband in the past and has known him for a long time, claims that she was one of the most upbeat and positive people he has ever had the opportunity to interact with. “She had a smile on her face at all times,” McGrath recalled. “She was possibly the friendliest person you’d ever come across in your life.”